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Watch Your Mouth

Woe Is Me

Ever been around someone and all they speak about are negative things? "I can't do this because"..."My life isn't this or that"...Just a lot of woe is me. It sort of drains the energy from you if you let it. Or that person who is constantly running back to the same things that are killing their growth. I often think back when that was me. I wanted the sympathy, but never did much more than talk about things.

Is This You?

You have to first stop with all the reasons "why" things will not work. I remember reading in the bible "Do all things without complaining...." Phil. 2:14 NKJV. I started to see all that I complained about...but I also saw that something could be done about it. I always held on to these words from a pastor I heard as a teen, he said "God cannot bless you with a better car if you cannot take care of the one you have". I seriously applied that to all areas of my life. Even in relationships, I wanted to be treated better...well, I had to stop entertaining every Tom, Harry, and Larry and wait on Jesus.

What Are You Complaining About?

Do all things without complaining....” Phil. 2:14 NKJV


That very thing you are putting your mouth on and speaking ill about is probably the same thing you need to "take care of" so that better can come along. We always want more, but never willing to change who we are. Can you do a better job on the job you have now? Are you constantly gossiping but expecting mess to stop following you? Are you clocking in late, but expecting a raise? Are you griping about how your kid(s) don't do this or that, but never taking the time to teach them?

Words Create Worlds

Ever heard to watch what you say because you may receive whatever you say? It works the same in the spiritual realm. If you curse someone, not necessarily using curse words, but let's say you say things like "Man, she will never amount to anything"...What if, instead, you prayed for her, spoke encouraging words to her...told her that she has potential and then point her in the direction to achieve better? Watch not only what you say about others, but also, what you say about you? Are you speaking negative things about your life? "I'll never get that job"..."I'll never have a good man"..."I'll never get pregnant"...What word curses are YOU speaking??

Let's Do Better

I want to encourage YOU to speak good things into your world. Seek God's word and what He says about your future. Start at Jeremiah 29:11 (my absolute favorite encouraging scripture) ...How about Phil. 4:8? I usually place the scriptures on here, but I want you to go and search! Know that God loves you and I love you as well. Watch Your Mouth from this day forward!

Be Encouraged!


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