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Those Days When Discouraged

Infertility...The Ugliness

There are many things that can come to destroy our focus. What I noticed for me is that there isn't a month that goes by where we do not hear of someone being pregnant. Sometimes that news is a little bit harder to take than other days. And each month we are reminded that our miracle has not happened yet.

Ever since June 2017, we have been hoping for a way to have Errick's surgery done. It sort of makes me ponder the statement: "If it ain't one thing, it's another". Each time we come up for air, something else comes in to make us have to gather up our strength again. 

I will be VERY honest with you all...There have been days where I wanted to just stop blogging about this journey. Who wants to constantly be reminded that they are still struggling with infertility? I have wanted to not be a part of the "infertility" community because it serves as a reminder that we are still not pregnant.


Each time a person messages me that a blog or post I've made has encouraged them...I seek out for encouragement for me. Y'all I know y'all hear people say all the time, "if it wasn't for the Lord on my side" but I KNOW, if it was not for the word of God...I would be stressing BIG TIME!

It Is A Heart Condition

When news of that type come...I immediately feel my heart beat a little harder or ache. I automatically have to seek wise counsel, but also, seek comfort through God's word. Do not be afraid of sudden terror...Prov. 3:25. I have to check myself and my motives. Hearing of someone being pregnant is truly good news because a baby is a blessing. I have to turn my mourning into celebrating.

Here Are Some Promises in Scripture That I Stand On:

  • Psalm 127:3 - Behold, children are a heritage (gift) from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.
  • Psalm 128:3 - Your wife SHALL be like a fruitful vine...Your children like olive plants all around your table.
  • Duet. 28:4 - Blessed shall be the fruit of your body.
  • Duet. 7: 13-15 - And He will love you and bless you AND multiply you; He WILL also bless the fruit of your womb...You shall be bless above all people; there shall NOT be a male or female barren among you...And the Lord WILL take away from you ALL sickness.

His Promises

They are TRUE! We have decided to try something different this month. It isn't a medical intervention or a detox of any kind...We are going strictly to the word of God. We will be doing a 30 day scripture prescription for healing and fertility. We started Aug. 9th and we are believing that we will conceive within 30 days or less! Talk about a huge order, right? But with God, nothing will be impossible (Luke 1:37) What if it does happen this time? So many people will be encouraged and many that are facing the same hurdles as we are will see how God Himself has done what He promised. So here is to Victory!

Be Encouraged!!!


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