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Thy Will Be Done

Sarah was reminded over and over that she and Abraham would conceive a son. Regardless of how many times the Lord sent them confirmation, Sarah took their journey into her own hands and told Abraham to sleep with her maid servant (Gen.16) I must say that God has told us over and over we will conceive. I just want to show you how many times.

November 2014, before we were even married, we were told that by this time next year we would be pregnant. June 2016 we were told that by the end of the year, we would conceive. August 2016 a cousin of mine whom I had not seen or spoke to in years came to me at a family gathering and said, "Oh my goodness Val, I dreamed of you last night! You were pregnant with twins and wearing white". September 2016, a week before my sister passed she said "Val you will conceive when you least expect it". October 2016, we went to a prayer revival and the speaker called me and Errick up and she said that we would conceive. Between November and December, I had multiple dreams of me being pregnant. 

Then here comes 2017. First week of January, my spiritual Mom who did not know our struggle called because she had a dream that I had conceived. Can I just add that God has used her multiple times to tell people that they would be pregnant and these people would become pregnant? The same week my Mom texted me and said "Val, you are pregnant!" At the end of January, after Aunt Flow showed her face and after I cried my heart out, I had a dream that we had fraternal twins. A boy and a girl. I received our baby boys name but not the girl. Two weeks later in February, Errick received our daughters name. Here we are in May, last week my spiritual grandmother called me because God showed her in a dream that I was big pregnant. She said that at first in her dream she thought it was her granddaughter, but when she looked up it was me! 


So, just like Sarah, we have received word after word after word. I have chosen to learn from her mistakes. I am choosing to say, "Lord, not my will, but Thy will be done. You've given us the promise over and over again". Oh and today we went up for prayer afterwards and the lady who prayed for us is also struggling with infertility. Despite her struggle, she is still working within the Kingdom of God. I believe God will open her womb. Regardless of her feelings, she is pressing! You cannot help but admire that. I believe she too received comfort in knowing she is not alone.

Nothing is too hard for God!

"Thy Will Be Done"

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” Luke 22:42

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