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The Sower

As I was reading Luke 8:4 where Jesus told the parable of the sower, it made me realize that I have been all of those seeds at some point. I believe the easy thing to do is to look at others and say “Oh, they must be the seed that fell on the rock” or “She/He definitely fell on the wayside”…but hardly ever do we search within ourselves and see that we have been all 4 seeds.


See to the right the characteristics of each seed. Can you relate to any of them?


My husband always ask the question, “How do you grow in relationship with someone? You have to spend time with that person to get to know them. The same goes with God. We have to spend time in His word to understand Him and follow His commands”. I have come to know that whatever I spend time on is what my focus will be on. In my darkest times dealing with infertility, the last thing I wanted to do was to read the word of God. The easiest solution for me was to think of running, but running is never a good option. The hard thing to do is to kneel because every emotion possible floods your heart and mind.

Taking ALL Seeds Into Account

If we take all seeds into account, we can learn from each one in whatever our situation may be. To avoid being a wayside seed, we must read Gods word and apply it daily so that it sets in our hearts. This applies also to the rocky seed. The moisture is the constant watering of our hearts and minds with God’s word. When temptation comes, remind ourselves of God’s word and promises. Staying in God’s word applies to the thorny seed too. The seed that fell on good ground is within all of us, but it takes effort. It takes resilience and stick-to-itness. You cannot get good at anything without putting time into it.

Jesus was speaking to all people about the condition of their hearts.

I challenge you to dive in to God’s word and hold on to His promises. Pick a couple scriptures and read them daily so that your seeds is being watered.

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