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What Have We Done So Far

It was a shock that no one expects to hear when it comes to something so natural. May is our 2yr mark trying to conceive and our 1yr mark finding out we had male factor infertility. I'll never forget the doctor telling me, "You have a 1-3% chance to conceive naturally, but with IVF I only need 12 sperm". All I could muster up was "We will trust God in this process".

It has required a lot of trusting

And so, here I am a year later, finally speaking on something that 1 in 8 couples struggle with, regardless of race. Majority of the time people look at the woman as the issue, but "30% of infertility is due a male problem such as structural abnormalities, sperm production disorders, ejaculatory disturbances and immunologic disorders" (resolve.org). I remember Errick saying "How do you think I feel not being able to get my wife pregnant?" What I truly want him to know is that him hurting, hurts me deep. I don't want to hear him say that, I don't want him to hurt. I ask myself a lot of times, "What if it were me?" What if I couldn't give him a baby?...

At what point have I started trusting God?

Well, probably now it has really hit home that God will be our way maker in this journey. I take nothing at all away from IVF, but our personal conviction is that we are not supposed to go that route unless God Himself says so. Since starting this blog, I have had so much peace. I'm not sure who will ever read it, but someone in my future needs this to be told.

Infertility makes you feel like a loner at times. Family gatherings consist of always being asked that one question: "So when are y'all going to have a baby?" We just smile most times and say, "Soon". What is the time frame for soon? We have no idea.

So far, all we've done is get blood work done and about 3 SA's. His blood work showed an issue with his hormone levels. He had been having pains in his lower back and knee, so recently we started seeing a chiropractor. We are investing into at least 12 treatments. His spine has 29 subluxations, which is causing the pain. What we have also been told is that the spine and its nerve alignment is what allows organs to function, common sense right? Just so happen the area most effected is in his reproductive organ area. Then the question for us arose "What if this is why the hormone levels are like they are?" He will also start acupuncture treatments because the research shows that it is a natural way to balance out the body.

We will see!

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