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Satan Wants To Kill Your Dreams & You

Today could've turned out so different. Errick called me from work and told me how the Lord spared his life. He was working underneath a vehicle at work and he walked from under it to grab something and the truck fell! He said "I could have been killed or seriously injured, everyone ran over to check on me"...I am so GRATEFUL to God's Angels for protecting him!


For the last 2 weeks, Errick has been up at 4am along with a couple of men, praying. He told me after he started that "I could not just say I needed to do this, I had to show you". This morning was no different. As I woke up somewhere around 4:50a, I heard him speaking over each man's life and telling them that God is the Author of their lives. I am Godly proud of him pushing through in this way.

Satan seeks to kill us all, destroy us, steal from us. So what are we going to do about it. God called me to start this blog around the same time my husband started the 4am prayer group. Why?

Spiritual warfare is REAL!

Do not be deceived into thinking that you have it all together and don't have to pray. The word of God says that the prayers of the righteous avail (James 5:16) the KJV version says that the "effectual fervent prayers". Consistent prayer. Steadfast prayer. I don't care if I am tired prayer.

Keep praying! If you call yourself a Christian then you are a target. Satan wants to unarm you. Do not let him win in this life. Fight him in prayer and worship. Stand strong in your faith. Do not let infertility get the best of you. Enjoy what you have now! Enjoy your marriage. If you are suffering with miscarriages or stillbirth, know that your baby is with the Lord and press on! 

You cannot afford to dwell here. The children of Israel were tired of their journey and seriously wanted to go back to being slaves, satan had tricked them into believing they would have had it better. Listen...Your future is better than your past and present.

Do Not Give Up!



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