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Hi August...Where We Are In-Fertility


After hubs 3 month follow-up, life continued on. As we approached his 6 month follow-up, we decided to not go back to the doctor no matter the outcome.

It was sort of like, "Enough is enough".

His results did not yield favorable results. His count was at 89 spermies...You read it right. 89! And there were 5 little guys swimming out of the 89...Total devastation. His doctor believes the meds he prescribed had an adverse reaction and told him to stop taking them. So he has not been taking any medication, vitamin, or anything else.

That visit jolted our relationship in sorts. It was the type of visit where you know that if it doesn't happen by a miracle then it will not happen at all. Now isn't the time to be as transparent, but I will say that it was a blow we were not expecting.

I have found myself needing the prayers of others. Needing a sign. Needing peace. I know that life doesn't stop here and I am determined to continue living. If you are also on this journey...

This Is Not The End!

Lessons Learned

Varicocelectomy 3 Month Follow-Up