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He Rebukes The Devourer

We never know what God is doing behind the scene

I never knew I would enjoy teaching. It is something that gives me genuine joy. My heart is constantly FULL! There are days that drag along, but for the most part this career is fulfilling. Needless to say, I have been struggling to get past the "test", as teachers we have to take content exams and I can teach this stuff, but when I have to sit down and do a detailed test...Can we just say "the struggle is real"? But today I felt God's grace being shown to me.

At my place of work there are only two teachers that teach my subject area, me and my now friend. Well, she was offered a position closer to her home and she accepted it. She really needed that too because yall, she traveled too far to come here. Needless to say, I kept feeling like they were not going to hire anyone else. Well, my building principal pulled me off aside today and said "God is so good because our budget was cut and I was going to have to move you or {the other teacher} to a different subject area because I was going to have to cut one of yall classes, but since she is leaving and you are here, the position is yours to have and I also would like to offer you the coaching position [for that subject]"...She even hugged me yall.

I NEVER knew this was happening. I knew my friend got the job, but I didn't know one of us would be either asked to teach something else or told they could not keep us. Because I came after her, that person most likely would have been me! I could've cried yall. God is so AWESOME!!!

He rebukes the devourer! Can I just add that this position comes with a great stipend? God is a God of more than enough. He goes before us and He makes every crooked way straight. Ladies and gentleman...Please do not stop praying! Do what God has asked you to do. When He places you somewhere and it is His will, He will make a way!

Again, I started this blog on obedience and I do not know who will be blessed by it, but know that your obedience will save lives and it will also make a way for you!

And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts.
— Malachi 3:11
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