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Varicocelectomy 3 Month Follow-Up

A quick update 3 months post-op

His count went up from 3.4M in volume to 5.05M.

His motility took a slight dip from 25% to 20%...either way those numbers need to be higher

The doctor placed hubs on two medications to help with his h-levels, clomid and anastrozole. We will be going for his 6 month follow-up July 9th. We were told that most times a 3 month follow-up doesn't yield the best results because the swelling internally and the shift of the blood flow is happening. By 6-9 months we should see the true affects of surgery.

If you've been through this type of surgery or considering it, do your research and know that whatever you do should be led by God. Pray about it ALL!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to send them over.

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