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New Year Hopes & Varicocelectomy

Well...It's Been A While!

Here an update so far on our Well Journey!

It has been a few months since giving you all an update on our fertility journey, but I wanted to update you on what has been going on with the Coleman’s!

“I took one for the team”
~ Errick

So, as you all should know, in June of last year
we found out the reason behind our fertility battle. If not, click here. One of the reasons for the delay in surgery was finding the right insurance and although there are MANY mixed reviews about the healthcare marketplace aka Obamacare…It has been a complete blessing for us!
Errick was able to have surgery January 4th!! We’ve been using the slogan “I took
one for the team” 
because he truly did, he did this by faith. God has definitely been good to us because for one, to find out the exact cause was HUGE for us! No one wants to be in dark about what things may be hindering their health. And two, being able to pay for it was a blessing!

Surgery Results

Dr. Lipshultz performed the varicocelectomy and it took about an hour and a half
to complete. During the procedure, he found 3 large veins on the left and 4 large
veins on the right…SEVEN!!! I mean wow! Seven also represents completion
biblically speaking! We will do a repeat SA in April around our 3yr anniversary mark! The doctor is confident that we will conceive naturally especially because Errick had no other issues hindering his sperm production...Y'all that is a HUGE blessing!!!

We are both settled with the fact that we have done our part, as much as
humanly possible, and we have trusted God throughout this process. We pray
that now that COMPLETION has taken place, 2018 will be the year we see our babies or at least conceive them!

Keep Believing!!!

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Be encouraged!



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