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Happiness & Heartbreak

Temporary Happiness

We are so flaky as humans. We are up one minute and then down the next. We seek after happiness and we pursue success (our definition). Recently, in one of my classes, my students had impromptu speeches (on the spot), each had to pull a popsicle stick which held a word on each side and this one student picked: "Happiness and Heartbreak". Now the explanation coming from a 15 year old is not the same as it would be coming from an older person with years of experience. 

His response was:

"I find happiness in things outside of school. Happiness is something we all look for but it is temporary. Most times when heartbreak happens...it last for a very long time and happiness cannot really fix it because it is temporary. Even if you do 'get' happiness...You cannot forget the heartbreak".

I truly enjoy what I teach because I can get into the minds of my students by one pull of a popsicle stick. But this particular topic struck me. As he was talking and all 30 sets of eyes were watching, I could see young minds thinking...I believe asking themselves what it meant to them, because as for me, I was thinking about what it meant to me.

What Does It Mean To God?

The bible speaks about a simple word that we all take for granted, "Joy". Joy is that thing that sticks even if happiness leaves. Throughout my 31 years, I have learned that it is very true what my student said, "Happiness is temporary". Each month that goes by and Aunt Flo shows up, an unexpected bill in the mail, someone close to me passes away...my happiness flees for a moment, but I still have joy and I expect that one day the heartbreak would be turned into laughter.

God does not flake on us. Ya'll know those flaky layer biscuits, you can pull one layer off at a time? With God, He is solid. Jesus said, "I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly" John 10:10. It is not temporary what Jesus brings. If we could talk about this in school, I would love to encourage my students in the Lord and tell them that although happiness is temporary, joy is forever through Jesus.

Forever Joy

In your quest today, pour you a cup of 'joy'...sing you a song of happiness...wipe the tears of heartbreak...and grab you a taste of Jesus...

Be Encouraged!

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.
— Romans 8:18

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