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Hurricane Harvey - Houston - Survival

It has been about 3 weeks since I have written a blog post. I started back to work and in between that time I just have been working on my health and getting to a size I really feel good about. As work started August 21st it also came with a historical event...the Eclipse. Then, the news started to talk about a hurricane...Harvey. Five days after a moment in time that captured America...Devastation hit not only Texas, but America.


As a Houston resident but a Louisiana native, hurricanes are not a new phenomenon for me. I can remember back to Hurricane Andrew and seeing it whip against my grandparents brick home as me and my grandfather stood under the garage the watching together. I do not remember the news reports from Andrew, but I do remember the news report from Katrina. I remember being in college and many of my friends losing everything. Fast forward a few years and here is Harvey.


Absolute total devastation. Seeing it happen all around us. We watched the news all Friday night with the anticipation that Harvey would hit Corpus Christi, TX, but that Houston would get the horrific rainfall. Errick, Derrick, Shelby and I went to the stores to fill up our tanks and gather essentials such as water and nonperishable foods "just in case" we ended up in survival mode.

By Saturday morning, the rains were nonstop. Trees falling in our complex and the lingering question of "Will we get flooded out?" I understand this is not so for a lot of people...but no water touched our door step. No water entered our vehicles, but literally a half mile each way people were being flooded out of their residence. And just 20-30 miles out people were getting stuck on Houston's many highways. To hear and see our highways looking like rivers.

By Monday we were hearing of deaths...Reservoirs being compromised and the need to release water to not have further damage. 


Our phones ringing off the hooks at all times of the morning and night because family members needed to know that WE were okay, but down the road...literally down the road from us...Many were not okay. By Monday, we just had to do something to help. We loaded up and went to a shelter 2 minutes from our place to see how we could assist. What started out as 60 people...within one hour became 80 and by the end of the night, there were close to 500 people with 341 people remaining overnight.

I saw people I knew as we volunteered our time and it wrecked my entire world. Hearing my name yelled from those who knew me broke my heart and their hugs were ones filled with despair. What could I do? How could I help? What do I say?


Houston has a loooooong way to go. Very long way. My hope is that many of you reading would do whatever you can to help Texas and Louisiana residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. To hear the weather reporter say, "Floods of biblical proportions" and "Biblical flooding"...Was this how things were back when Noah built that boat? Me and my family were able to see first hand how people can come together in a time of need and make a difference. It doesn't matter how much...but what matters is taking action. Do something my friends. 

God's Love For Humanity

Our Lord Jesus Christ loves each and every person affected and the month of August has been one of many miracles. signs, and wonders for the Coleman family. We have seen His hand on our lives, but also the lives of those we come in contact with. I believe we will all come out of this full force and stronger.

Be Encouraged!!!

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