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Hub's Breaking Point

Another 28 Days = Hubby's Breaking Point

The headaches and getting easily aggravated are usually my top reminders that Aunt Flo is on her way. Errick will normally get a pimple right before it starts. This time around, we celebrated Kaleb's 8th birthday on July 1 and I had no choice but to welcome cycle #26. I had a moment a couple days ago where I realized I was not dwelling on conceiving. Starting this blog has helped me tremendously and turned my desire to helping others.

Since my summer break began June 2nd, I have been seeking out what I needed to complete before the new school year starts again. I have the book God told me to write, Journals of a Single Mom to complete and I have two mandatory test to take before February 2018. We are due to host a connect group in the Fall and we are also joining our churches prayer team.

I believe ever since we found out the reason for Errick's low numbers early June...We just stopped being concerned with it all (or so I thought). I have not cried since January and when I see babies or pregnant women now, I do not feel down about it. Plus, I am grateful for a normal cycle.

Better Late Than Never

Errick claimed to not be bothered, but while at the grocery store a couple days ago, he saw a pregnant couple and he blurted out "Aw! I am tired of seeing all of these pregnant people...". I was shocked! He had never expressed those types of emotions. He just was always Mr. Faith...I'm-Not-Bothered. Here we are 6 Months from when I cried my last infertility tear, 1 year from when we discovered we had male factor infertility, and 2 years since we started trying to conceive...and he is just now breaking down about it. I have always heard men handle things differently. I guess I cried for months until I just could not cry anymore. Still, a part of me was relieved that he finally had a moment and that I was not alone in dealing with my emotions.

At The End of It All

God is faithful. This journey has definitely brought out the best and worth, but it has consistently led us back to the cross...back to Jesus! God still cares and He still answers.

Be Encouraged!


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