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How to Accept a Good Man

This past weekend I had the privilege of spending time with my best friend of 16 years and two other friends. We all went to church together and just enjoyed each others time. We were able to pray before they all left and impart some good things into their lives. But all of this weekends event made me think of how relationships can thrive.


How can we say over and over that we desire a man after God's own heart, when we are not after God's heart? I learned from one failed engagement that I attracted "who" was at that time. I was severely depressed and so much was going on around me including a lengthy custody battle for Kaleb. I held on to the words his dad spoke to me for a long time, "No one will want you with a baby". So the first guy to prove him wrong, I accepted. I attracted depression within another human being. I wasn't at all attracted to him and I was not happy at all. Still, God is so good because even then, He reached down and showed me that I deserved better. Once I believed God for healing me within and totally surrendered my love life to Him...I found a love that I only imagined once upon a time through Errick!

A good man does not deserve to have to climb walls of insecurities and fear set there by past luggage!
— Inspired by The Holy Spirit

But, I remember praying "Lord help me to be able to accept the man You have for me". A good man does not deserve to have to climb walls of insecurities and fear set there by past luggage! Are you willing to let it all go? This goes for men too. You cannot make your man/woman suffer because of something someone else did or did not do. By seeking Jesus, you will find yourself becoming better internally as each day passes. Ya'll soul ties are so real! You have to pray and ask for God to help you be rid of them.

Why my ex keep coming back in the picture?

Why do I dream of this guy all the time?

Why when I leave him alone, he comes back into my life somehow?

Well, I prayed and he came back, maybe this is what God wants for me...

Simply put...Soul ties. Don't mistake it for God answering factitious prayers. He will not send someone into your life for you to sin with. He will not put a man outside of your husband in your bed. It is only once we realize who we are in Christ that we can see our value and our worth. Set up in your mind that you will move forward. Delete and block the numbers, unfriend, and unplug from all the usual things that bring those people back. Do your part and watch Jesus do the rest!

This is when you can accept a good man!

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