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2017 Recap!

What a Year!

2017 had it’s highs and it’s lows just like every year. This year started
off well for us. I enjoyed my role coaching girls track and finishing off
the school year always feels like a marathon because students are
restless, teachers are restless, and summer seems to be so far away lol!


We did a nice size crawfish boil for my Mom’s birthday in April and threw my
Dad a surprise 56th birthday party in July! He was soooo happy! It was his first EVER!
We welcomed my wonderful brother-n- law to Houston in May &
witnessed his beautiful wedding to Shelby Leigh in September. I also
stepped down from coaching track, but picked up coaching Speech and
Debate that same month! God blessed us with a home and a new vehicle :-)

Our Lost

We lost my loving father-n-love, Lawrence Bell in October. Please watch his
testimony video on our YouTube channel “Errick and Val Coleman”
far it has reached over 9,000 souls and counting!! Long story short
though, he gave his life to Christ on his death bed.

My husband preached his first sermon in December. I officially
gained my certification to teach in December as well and I chopped my hair!

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