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The Beginning of Our In-Fertility Journey

I have been typing and deleting for a few weeks now because I just never knew where to start or how to start. God told me to start talking about this journey we are on, but I honestly have been afraid to because...What if we stay on it for longer than I truly desire? 


I have never known of anyone in my circle to deal with it and it is most likely because people that I know just do not talk about it. However, it was not until the past year that I started to understand and research...search and come to know what infertility really is.

I met my adorable husband October 2014 and within a matter of 5 months, we were Mr. and Mrs.! Now, when I tell you my background most likely in a different post, you will see why I am so thankful and so grateful for Jesus because despite my erroneous ways, He blessed me with my Errick (insert heart eyes emoji)!

We were married April 4, 2015 and in my mind we had officially started trying by May 2015. We had nothing preventing it from happening and we both deeply desired more children. When we met I already had a son from a previous encounter and he had just turned 5 years old. This was yet another reason I rejoiced and praised God because I was a single mother for 5 years before Errick came along. A book about that is actually in the last stages. Nevertheless...we desired more children. I wanted my husbands babies...all of them lol. But although science class made it sound easy for babies to just appear, we have learned that that is not so true.

It was exciting to think that we would get pregnant quickly and then welcome our baby the following year. A month passed...then the holidays rolled around, this was about the time I was so ready to have a cute holiday baby announcement! But...that did not happen. I knew early on in 2016 that something was not right. So, I made an appointment with my GYN and she said that everything looked okay with me but she wanted to refer us to a fertility Dr just to have some more test ran. Now, if I could go back in time, I would have not taken that route first, but we did. All my test came back fine, from blood work to dye test. My sweetheart Errick, not so much. We discovered that his SA was considered not normal. Severely low sperm count...? Normal is 20+ million...we were looking at around 1 million. But it only takes one? Right? The RE Dr. said "You have a 1-3% chance to conceive naturally, but all I need is 12 for IVF" (insert blank stare emoji).


Oh man...every disagreement from that point on dealt with our inability to conceive. I did not mention that 2015 was rough for us. I'll give more detail about that as time moves on. Each month Aunt Flo (menstrual cycle) showed up I would cry my eyes out. As of today...I do not cry anymore. I just keep moving forward. The devastation was either going to consume me or help me to grow in the area of Faith! We went to a urologist back home in Louisiana and he ran a semen analysis test along with blood work.

Here is what we discovered:

Semen sample: 350,000/mL (yeh, a dip from 1 Million)

LH, FSH, and PH levels were all higher than normal

Testosterone: Normal

As of now, we have not gone for further testing, but we are anticipating a follow up urology visit to determine "why" those numbers are so out of sync. Can I just add that Errick is so into Jesus that even scheduling a Dr's appointment requires prayer? I appreciate that about him because he seeks the Lord on EVERYTHING, which is what the head of household is SUPPOSED to do!

Infertility?...I would rather believe we are in-fertility!

Nevertheless, our journey continues...



Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest”. Matthew 11:28
— New Living Translation Bible
1/8 couples are dealing with infertility

1/8 couples are dealing with infertility

My Son is "Our" Son